The "Israeli nation" refers to those who experience the shattering, the general global destruction, and who begin to emerge from different places in the world to connect to a group that is aimed at the Creator "Yashar – El." This is called the "Israeli nation." In other words
What can we learn from Pharaoh?

What Can We Learn From Pharaoh?

From Pharaoh we can learn about being loyal to the Creator. How meticulously he performs his role, his work, loyally out of devotion. He's truly a servant that there's none else like him.
Critical Mass - Oneness

Critical Mass – From Chaos to Harmony

Professor Ervin Laszlo was a Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2004 and 2005. He is a doctor of philosophy at Sorbonne University, an honorary doctor at universities in the U.S., Canada, Finland and Hungary, a professor of philosophy, systems science and futurological research.
The Last Generation

Kabbalah And Religion

The Wisdom of Kabbalah predates Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all the Hindu beliefs as well as Eastern beliefs, and asserts that everything comes from Abraham. In 'The Last Generation', Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote
Roundtable Rethink the American Dream

Time to Rethink the American Dream?

For many people, obtaining a stable, well-paying job that provides comforts and security is becoming a pipe dream. Due to little job growth, low wages and high rents, many young adults and former high-wage earners find themselves working two or more low-paying jobs just to make ends meet. Living a pleasant, secure life seems unattainable.
Revolver - Approval Junkies

Approval Junkies

As babies, our small milestones garner praise and recognition: first smile, first laugh, first steps. The praise teaches us that we've done something wonderful. When it no longer dazzles those around us, we try something new.
Why Mr. Obama Can Benefit From Learning Kabbalah

Why Mr. Obama Can Benefit From Learning Kabbalah

Throughout all human history, from the ancient times to today, there were many people who realized and wrote about the cause of all the suffering and crises that take place in society and in nature as a whole. That cause is man’s egoistic nature.
Rav Michael Laitman

Kabbalists Don’t Live In Caves

Kabbalists don't live in caves. Thousands of years ago Kabbalists would study and write in caves. They also had houses but they preferred their caves. They used to drink very little water, eat only bread with salt and sleep on the ground.
The Omnipotent Wizard Who Could Not Be Alone

The Omnipotent Wizard Who Could Not Be Alone

'The Omnipotent Wizard Who Could Not Be Alone' is Dr. Michael Laitman’s story about a wizard who created all life and a person within it, and a person’s search for happiness within the world the wizard created.
Mans Illusion Of The World Outside Him

Man’s Illusion Of The World Outside Him

What happens in one body, in one soul in the spiritual world, is divided into many bodies within our own. For example, inside man there is a Pharaoh, Moses, birds, fish, everything around us and anything we can possibly imagine is within us. They exist in us in the form of spiritual forces, desires.

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