encounter with the devil
encounter with the devil

We do not change anything on our spiritual path; states pass like they should, and all evil must be revealed. We have to feel all of our desires in the form of mistakes and unfavorable transgressions. It is written, “One cannot perform a commandment without breaking it first,” and “There is no righteous man who does good without having sinned.”

We have to go through the feeling of Hell in all of its manifestations. The question is how do we enter these sensations, with what preparation? If we prepare ourselves with a mutual guarantee, the right intentions, and the support of friends and the Light which we reveal in our connection, then we can pass the most difficult descents quickly and easily, coming into contact with them for only a moment.

Such a brief “encounter with the devil” is enough for a person to take the breaking from there and raise it to correction. However, we have to correct all the breakings in all the desires.




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