Dr. Michael Laitman answers FAQ's on Kabbalah
Dr. Michael Laitman answers FAQ’s on Kabbalah

Todd: I’m interested, I want to get involved a bit, how much does it cost? What do I have to do? It’s expensive!?

Dr. Laitman: NOTHING.

Todd: I got to take lessons, I got to study, what I got to move I got to come here live with you somewhere in a big house or I got to buy all your books?

Dr. Laitman: Ha ha ha ha ha

Todd: What, you’re laughing!

Dr. Laitman: What did they demand from you in the University when you studied?

Todd: A lot of money!

Dr. Laitman: Oh, that’s right, here it doesn’t work that way. Here we have a virtual University, you go into our website.

Todd: What does that cost?

Dr. Laitman: You enter with no fees. You get all of our books for free. If you want to buy a book you can, although you can download anyone you like for free, all the books, all the Kabbalah sources are there.

Todd: I thought it was expensive, I thought you had to pay, I thought they were quite expensive.

Dr. Laitman: No, nothing! You can study, you have teachers, virtual teachers, you have times when you can connect and listen to lectures and ask questions and if you don’t want to buy books, you only want to get them online, it doesn’t cost you a dime, nothing.

Todd: All the materials free if I want to study?

Dr. Laitman: As much as you want, you can study for 10, 20 years.

Todd: What’s the catch?

Dr. Laitman: There is none.

Todd: Come-on there’s got to be you’re giving away something…

Dr. Laitman: No, no, no, there’s no catch here but we’re people that believe that the correction of the world depends on it, of making this world a better place. We do collect money from ourselves, meaning those who are in the wisdom of Kabbalah and understand that it can bring humanity goodness and out of our own love, out of our transformation from hatred, from all these battles between human beings to a desire to help everyone to love, then we collect each one as much as it’s capable of and we contribute to the general fund and by that we can maintain this entire system of study, everyone who teaches does it for free, anyone who participates and anyone who contributes does it for free. Everything is free because people want the correction of world, they want to make the world a better place.

Todd: You got a nice house? You got a big car? You, yourself?

Dr. Laitman: Hmm, I have an apartment of course but a car I don’t have. I don’t need one. I’m all the time in one place.

Todd: I don’t mean to pressure you, but I’m trying to understand because I know that sometimes I’ve heard that Kabbalah is quite expensive. If you want to study it’s quite an effort.

Dr. Laitman: No, no, no, that is completely untrue, I don’t know where you’ve heard that from. It could be such kind of people I know who, that is in America who make profit from Kabbalah.

Todd: Yeah, this is quite a big money maker I think! So okay, the cost is nothing in terms of financial.

Dr. Laitman: It’s zero, zero, zero simply zero, you don’t have to pay anything to study Kabbalah.

Todd: I have to put some effort myself though?

Dr. Laitman: Ah, exactly and that of course you want to study, you want to attain something. You’re going to have to put in effort.

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Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center Free


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