Forcing The Fetus To Be Born
Forcing The Fetus To Be Born

There is only one law, one force that acts upon me from the spiritual field, from that endless ocean of Light. It wants only one thing, to attract me to its center, to the good.

My egoistic desire (my “charge”) constantly grows and develops and therefore I am getting more and more unbalanced with the spiritual field.

I am getting farther and farther away from the center of good. But the field doesn’t change, it is me that is changing. The changes for the worse are going on in me involuntarily and automatically. That is why my state is only getting worse.

I am not alone in this field, since there are seven billion people in the same situation. We are small egoistic “charges,” and all of us to one degree or another feel “bad.”

At the end of our egoistic development we move away to the maximum, from the center of good to the most remote circle and begin to feel ourselves tied together.

This aggravates our already “bad” state. Each begins feeling himself dependent on all others. This forces him to hate all and suffer for all.

Our state is similar to labor pains. During the nine months of pregnancy (evolution of humanity) the mother (Nature) helps the fetus (ego) development to its fullest extent.

But when the complete (egoistic) development (global and closed) is reached, mother Nature forces the fetus to be born.

The global crisis is a pressure to the common fetus, humanity, in order to force it to be born spiritually.

The fetus must turn into a head down position (change priorities from receiving to giving) and begin attempting to exit from its egoistic state (help the mother give birth to him).

Only in this way will he accelerate the labor pains and be born into the world of Light.


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