eckankar reincarnation
eckankar reincarnation

I have recently been made aware of Eckankar, a fairly new form of true religion introduced to the modern world in 1965 by Paul Twitchell. The teachings of Eckankar are not new, they have been on earth since the dawn of human history yet Paul Twitchell separated spiritual truths from the cultural trappings which had surrounded them and in so doing brought forward a new form of true religion.

Some of the basic beliefs of Eckankar are that the Soul is eternal and on a journey of Self and God Realization. The Soul unfolds spiritually via karma and reincarnation.

Each of us is Soul, a divine spark of God that lives through eternity. We are sent to this world to gain spiritual experiences. Through many lifetimes in the physical world, each of us progresses to a full realization and manifestation of our innate godlike qualities, especially divine love. It is the destiny of each Soul to experience God and serve all life.

This video is a story of a three year old girl who experienced a brief memory of her past life which often happens to children under the age of five, before mental conditioning takes hold.



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