Reality and the Extended Mind
Reality and the Extended Mind

As an increasing number of academics acknowledge the findings erupting from psi research, quantum mechanics and many other areas of science, thinkers are coalescing on a new description of reality.

This new description of reality signals paradigm shifts in several scientific fields, and notably the necessity for a new model of consciousness.

Reality and the Extended Mind features prominent experts in consciousness research including
Dean Radin – Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
Roger Nelson -Psychologist and Director of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP)
Robert G. Jahn -Plasma Physicist and Program Director at PEAR
Brenda J. Dunne -Psychologist and Laboratory Manager at PEAR
York H. Dobyns -Physicist and Analytical Coordinator at PEAR
Garret Moddel -Professor of Physics and the University of Boulder Colorado
Adam M. Curry -Psi Researcher
Herb Mertz -Psi Researcher
Rupert Sheldrake -Biologist and Author
Larry Dossey -Physician and Author

Reality and the Extended Mind – Part 1

Reality and the Extended Mind – Part 2


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