One with Him
One with Him

The only thing we need to do is to bring humanity to the end of correction as quickly and comfortably as possible. And then this world will stop being felt with our senses, it will withdraw and transform only to provide a material level found under our primary spiritual state. We will begin to exist in a world of forces.

There is a need for science only for this transition. In principle science is a very primitive idea that studies and investigates those spiritual forces that came down and are found on the physical plane, in the material connection between them, meaning in the egoistic connection.

Since we are found on the physical plane ourselves, on this level we also discover connections. We ourselves are egoists; therefore, we identify the forces of nature as egoistic on that plane in which we ourselves exist, and this is called our “science.”

When we rise to the next higher level and become spiritual people, then, instead of material investigations, we will be involved with spiritual science. Why do we need to dig through this material and draw conclusions about all of these laws? These laws will cease to exist. Completely different laws operate in the spiritual world. In the power of bestowal there is unlimited, constant energy that is independent of distance and time. In this manner we go out to another space in which the old science loses all meaning.

This science has meaning and exists only as long as we exist with egoistic characteristics, so we learn about what is happening within us, about the material lawfulness of the function of the ego. But at the moment we go out to the spiritual space, everything will be transformed precisely into its opposite: All limitations of time, movement, distance, and the potential energy of reception and bestowal will disappear. We won’t need anything of what is now in this world.

There is a value for science only during the transition period, in order to free humanity and to convince it to be involved with integral education. And for this purpose we don’t need many, a few thousand people will be enough to supply all the compulsory needs for the whole world.

If a person needs clothing, he will press a button and a printer will print what he wants, a shirt and pants. If he wants to eat, then he will press on the button in that printer and from that material a tasteless steak will come out for him, like the pants. Science will reach such advancement.

All of this will exist as long as we are on the egoistic plane. But the moment that we correct ourselves and move to the world of forces, we won’t need such things as a steak or shirt. We will live within a completely different energy.


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