The Ego, The devil you know!
The Ego, The devil you know!

This video uses alchemy based explanation towards YOU. The entire video is based on the ultimate truth hidden from you, it will make you aware of things you maybe weren’t aware of. This is the only and ultimate battle between good and evil. Darkness and light. If you are seeking answers, this video will guide you towards a higher understanding, enlighten your consciousness. If you are watching or have watched this video, you were meant to watch it. Everything has a purpose. For YOU to evolve. Evolve yourself, so we can evolve together.

Can you feel the changes going on?

We are in the midst of a new great shift. Face it, its the TRUTH. Free will. Believe whatever you want to believe. Its up to YOU. Not anyone else. Scared of change? Why? Who wants fear in their life?
These questions will be given to you in this video.

If you still have a hard time to understand this video, its okay. It will be processed anyway.
Free will. Love. Positivity. Peace, Unite, We are one.

“Protecting” oneself from “dark” energies is ultimately an illusion. All the perceived darkness is inside of ourselves. This is a popular religious and New Age thing that has its purpose in the greater scheme of things. But for anyone truly serious about developing universal consciousness this needs to be seen for what it is.

You will not find even one truly illumined master or avatar in all of history that has ever taught this type of thing. The reason is that to do so does not truly empower the individual at all. It rather supports them in maintaining their illusions of separation and thus duality.

Contemplate it for a bit. The act of protecting oneself from an energy external to self is in fact separative is it not? It has an underlying operative belief that tells you “that is bad and I am good.” Duality at its finest!

The only true “protection” is to take 100% responsibility for everything we experience within ourselves. Feeling “negative or dark” energy is something that is going on inside of us. Who is feeling it?

Have you ever noticed how different people will experience the same exact energy very differently? Why is that? It is because their internal responses to it are different.

If you change your internal response pattern to an energy, then what you feel inside yourself in relationship to its presence can be quite the opposite. This is the mechanism by which we actually can transform everything with our love!

Have you ever had an experience where you felt one way about something/someone, then along came a bit more info/awareness and then you felt differently about it/them?

Most people have… same energy but you start experiencing it differently… its all because one thing changed… your awareness! When your awareness shifts, then so does your perceptions, thoughts/feelings and inner responses/experience of that same thing! It’s all a matter of awareness, that is the key!

This approach is not widely popular though because there is no “bad guys” to vanquish, do battle with or protect the mother land from. The ego loves to be the hero in its own story!



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