The Knowledge of the Forever Time 7 – The God Knowledge

The Knowledge of the Forever Time 7 - The God KnowledgeA hidden connection to virtually every sacred site on earth has been discovered. But in our world, religious history can dictate whether a discovery is considered worthy of further study or the work of the devil. The information in this film is no exception. You are about to see knowledge, unlike anything you have seen before. This is the age of reason and enlightenment and this is invitation #7.

Video transcript

There is a deadly conversation taking place in broad daylight and also under the cover of darkness this horrifying dialogue is not overheard in secret places nor is it found hidden among the obscure this howling of the heavens is seen and heard in every sky throughout our world the conversation of whether UFOs exist or not is a conversation that the wise will no longer debate for it is a debate for fools the evidence is so pervasive and so ubiquitous that it can no longer be seen as a belief this evidence is definitely overwhelming and yet the purpose of their visitation is the only thing that is still hidden a clue is here and here and here these simple UFO patterns serve as a greeting and also a warning to mankind the first understanding of this formation is actually a greeting a greeting that requires one to understand the most well-known constellation in the world Orion the second part of this understanding it is connection to the Pyramids of Egypt and the pyramids of the Americas this connection creates an aha moment in the mind and it also serves as an understanding believe it or not this is the first step in alien human interspecies communication however the second part of this communication is hidden and also misunderstood by our world government and understanding it will send ice through your veins the pyramids of Africa are all linked together with the pyramids of North America the Egyptians the Mayans and the Aztecs are all linked together as one they were miles apart and yet they were all one culture and one people and the reason why is because they all share the same father and he is here this ancient sculpture was found among the ruins of the Mayan civilization and it represents an alien language it is also an ancient clue which means it possesses supreme knowledge this is the face of our teacher and the face of our Father and it is also something even more powerful than that it is also an alien codex it is a transmission of code an enigma it is deliberately left upon this earth and left to us for only one purpose to warn us of something that is to come unbelievably this alien work is actually religious as we’re all building projects of the ancient world today we believe that religion means faith or belief in the ancient world it meant far more than that and faith was the least of them the religions of the ancient world had little to do with faith and everything to do with knowledge or in the ancient world your faith did not make you great your wisdom did a man who understood the purpose of the Great Pyramid was one who was blessed with the God of knowledge and also eternal life one who could unravel the mystery of the Sphinx was said to be one of supreme knowledge who would also be blessed with power and a crown of god and authority in the ancient world the Word of God says and all you’re getting in life get knowledge get wisdom because wisdom is worth more than silver and gold the Egyptians and the Mayans tell us that time moves in a circle a repeating circle a cycle of living and dying on the same world over and over again what is old is new again what is created will be created again and there is nothing new Under the Sun they left us their religion and also that which was holy and what was holy to the ancient world was knowledge an example of the dichotomy that separates their religion from ours is here this ancient carving of a woman has been seen in our world for nearly four thousand years it is called the Queen of the Night relief and every scholar and every professor who tells her tale calls her Lilith she is said to be evil and the first wife of Adam and Adam being the first man that God ever created on this earth when man began mass-producing books and mass producing media a horrible crime was committed and a crime was calling this innocent woman a devil a misjudgment that began disseminating this oral archaeological tradition that is more based on their faith and has nothing to do with truth at all this evil woman that is said to be Adam’s first wife is actually one of the most powerful and glorious women ever to set foot on this earth this holy woman is actually a queen her name is debated but her position is undeniable notice what is in her hands look closer this ancient symbol is actually Egyptian and it is called a shin and it means immortality eternal life anyone in the ancient world who holds the symbol indicates that they are given power Authority and they will also live forever nevertheless this woman is so powerful that she not only has one symbol of eternal life she has two yes this is not the evil life of Adam as the world would have you believe and in fact she is far more important than that the religious have taught the world that she is evil because of her feet look at them surely she is the work of the devil and then again no her feet are not what makes her evil at all and in fact they are what makes her holy the one with wisdom would look closer and they would notice it’s not the burning feet of a devil these are the talons of a bird and that is the clue this woman has the feet of a bird and she also has wings on her back and all of this can only mean one thing this woman good fly she is more than a woman more than a queen this female is a goddess and the symbol of her power and immortality are also found in her hand a symbol that is also found in the hands of every great Sumerian king Babylonian king and even Egyptian kings this goddess stands upon our next clue a lion and this is no ordinary lion or this lion represents the land of Egypt and it is the original design of the Sphinx the riddle of the Sphinx is a riddle no more for the Sphinx represents the face of the Sun and if the Sphinx represents the Sun this means this woman can only be the goddess the queen Isis she is the queen of heaven and the keeper of holy knowledge powerful knowledge and unto the children who are born of this earth today she is giving it to us we know that this Queen can fly we also know that she stands upon the land of Egypt but one of these two large owls what are they and what do they mean these two are the ties that bind in the ancient world the Sun was our gateway to heaven and the ancients left us this knowledge everywhere and although our surviving indigenous people called these drawings space people they also said they look like something else owls large wide eyed owls and we cannot dismiss these peoples in any way why because today when we see these powerful eyes we say the exact same thing this is a satellite image of space and in this image you will see what they saw five thousand years ago being a to black hole they are connected together but then again they look like and how an owl represents the entryway into heaven and into the house of God this owl is the opening of a wormhole or what the ancients would call a Stargate and yet there is another ancient riddle that has troubled the faithful more than anything else and that is the worship of animals why do we do it whether a bird an elephant a cow a serpent or a lamb animals play a significant part of our religious beliefs in nearly every part of our world there is a reverence a beauty and the worship for four-legged being and one more than any other and that is cattle the cow or the bull is one of the most holiest symbols of God in the world and it has been deified for thousands of years all over the world we find writings paintings and hieroglyphs of cows and the worship of them more than half the world honors them and worships them and at the same time they have no knowledge as to why to them it is a belief a faith and yet they believe even without knowing in the ancient world the APIs bull was very holy and even more than it is today and if we look back 50,000 years we find it was just as important to prehistoric man as it is to us nevertheless if we do look back we will know why and once we know why none of us will ever be the same in nearly all of the cave paintings there are always pictures of a bull or a cow and what is important about these paintings is the fact that they are always painted on the ceiling and usually with a cloudy sky or a night sky the ceiling forces you to look up and this act in itself is the clue in order to find the origin of this APIs board that is holy one must look to the heavens and to the origins of our worlds various faiths and that is Egypt the pyramid is created to represent the Sun and yet it is created not in a circle but instead a square all over the world every Sun monument is created not as a sphere but as a square where the Mayan Incan Aztec Egyptian or African the Sun is always a square and the reason is in the ancient world near the summer solstice or the winter solstice a hole will appear on the Sun and invariably it will be a square and when a square appears on the Sun it means the time of man has come we have matured and it is also something even more powerful it is an invitation to the holiest place of all the place of the eighth this bull here is the worship of the APIs bull and here is the square on the Sun and the knowledge of it all is here once you enter this square hole in the Sun you will enter a gateway you will travel through what we call a wormhole you will begin an interstellar space flights throughout the cosmos that mankind has taken for more than a hundred thousand years we will travel through this wormhole and when we come out we will be here when we leave the Sun you will exit here in this area of the constellation of Taurus the Bull now we know this is because of this a square the gate of the Sun and this Holy constellation are linked together to confirm this conception all one has to do is return to Egypt if we go to Egypt we’ll find a confirmation of this knowledge that is so overpowering to the mind that it will stun you into silence although the doubting Thomas will say this square is only a coincidence these two subjects have nothing in common it’s pure fantasy it’s imagination it couldn’t possibly be true it is true and the confirmation of the truth is here when the Egyptians worshiped the APUs bowl they also worshiped the Sun and the two were always linked together as an entryway and an exit way into the cosmos here is an ancient APIs bull that was worshipped for thousands of years on the head of this ancient and holy creature is the Sun and with it the power of the serpent notice what appears to be a crack or damage at the top of this APIs bull son monument to the common eye is just an old piece of artwork a 3,000 year old broken statue of the Sun and yet it is the holiest knowledge you’ll ever see and now a satellite view of the same object today yeah [Applause] this is the hole in the Sun that they sold 5000 years ago a hole exactly like what we see today walk away from what you have been taught of Egypt walk away from it there is no proof more powerful than this a hole in the Sun a beam that required a satellite the hope of our future rests with the faithful and in the end it is the faithful who will determine how our world in weather scientist pragmatist or atheists one must come to understand the importance of faith all of the words of God tells us that our end comes and although our numbers are as the sand of the sea only a few of us will survive the end of the world is a fiery one and yet all words of God on this earth they tell us why and the reason is because we refuse knowledge and we refuse to accept knowledge you in the late 11th century a satanic creation came upon this earth and when it came upon this earth it filled the faithful with a father and a fear that they’d never seen before it was so foreboding that men could not even look upon it for fear of it this vile and demonic spawn of hell was called a dinner fork yes it is a sad thing to say and yet it is all truth this humble addition to our dinner table was called by the faithful the work of the devil they recorded at the creation of something that would interfere with one eating from hand to mouth and this scenario is not unique and there is yet more music instruments when they were first created were also called the work of the devil when the electric light bulb was invented it too was called the work of the devil when the automobile when the airplane and even when medicine that would save your life was created it was called the work of the devil these examples are not meant to be disparaging and instead they are here to highlight the inability for the faithful to accept wisdom and new knowledge their first impression of anything that they don’t understand is automatically called the work of evil the reason these examples are so important is because in the end it will be the faithful who will determine what happens to the planet it will be the religious who will decide what happens to the rest of us there are nearly 6 billion peoples of faith on this earth which means only they have the power to change it their numbers alone will tell us what will happen to the rest of us in the future new knowledge will come and it will come with earth changes that will threaten the life of Earth it is then when we will need the Muslim we will need the Jew the Christian and the Hindu and all peoples our faith and we will need them because it will be a time when we must unite whether we believe in a Supreme Being or not our end is in the hands of the faithful they will determine whether we accept the new world or whether we live or die our first steps begin here these are clues left to us from the last great civilization on earth the Mayans beast ela represents a calendar of seasons and time a time for moving a time for traveling planting and also a time for gathering and yet every mind glyph shows them moving while crouching and being loaded with cases and supplies it appears to be nothing of note and at the same time it is giving us one of our greatest clues about our past a clue that is repeated all over the world when we look to Egypt you will see something and yet when we see it we see nothing what is strange about this is the fact that we all see the same thing and yet we all see nothing we see a goddess replete with holy symbols and holy accoutrements and all the while extending her arms in a train of beautifully feathered wings this unobtrusive vision of the ancient world and its understanding has evaded man’s intellect of thousands of years the Mayans and the Egyptians both had similar glyphs and yet there is a clue that each of them shared and that is they both represent traveling moving and flying to another place it is a simple deduction common understanding and yet there is glory here great great glory the Egyptian queen only reveals her feathers in order to indicate flight and yet whenever the queen is saying flight she has always seen being seated and that is the clue what bird have you ever seen that flies while sitting down none this revealing is what makes this woman a goddess and this is what makes the ancients better than we because the only way to fly while sitting down is here the serpent with wings yes children of Earth they could fly ten thousand years before we could the traveling of the ancients as much as it is today and today we to fly while sitting down it is a part of our history and a part of our future and accepting this as a reality is critical to our survival the ancient female always represented knowledge power wisdom and she also represented something else the universe we have to walk away from what we believe and what we have been taught and accept a knowledge and a wisdom that is too good for us a goddess is everywhere in the ancient world and they always represent understanding wisdom and enlightenment and yet each Stila and each painting hide the glorious clue this Egyptian carving is one of the most well known works in the world and this humble creation is called the bee goddess our archaeologists and our historians tell us that there was an obsession and a love for insects in the ancient world they recite this understanding in every College and in every university and even more in every scholarly lecture they tell the world the story of Egypt a story of insect worship bugs spiders dung beetles ants and bees how can this be an enlightening if they were fascinated with insects the answer is they weren’t they never worship bugs and they never glorified insects and our stories about their history only glorifies our own ignorance although insects are seen all over the land of Egypt you will find in the end they aren’t it is a delusion a fantasy a misrepresentation of truth and wisdom and not on their part but on ours we look at our ancient forefathers with arrogant eyes for we really think we are better than they and we are not ancient Egypt was not a male-dominated culture as many believed and the veneration of the female is found all over the land the female was a teacher a queen and a goddess this is one of the most well known articles of religion in Egypt it is a depiction of a woman of worship and it is awesome what many would call the worship of an insect she has the body of a woman with the posterior of a bee and all of this was the reason why the female was called the bee goddess her wings are short and her breasts are supple and beneath her is the sweet nectar of flowers in bloom nonetheless remember in ancient Egypt all is not what it seems and thus the eye of the enlightened always sees something else look at the petals on these flowers and now look at this goddess a woman and an insect combined to do what to give us a clue each writing of an insect is not to show the worship of it but instead it is to highlight its attributes something unique about that particular insect has a god characteristic and that characteristic when revealed reveals the God with the depiction of any insects it can be its eyes its legs or its sound look again and now open your mind these are not flowers at all and this woman is not a bee no she is not a bee but she sounds exactly like one and has sound alone unlocks this ten thousand year old mystery listen this is the actual sound be and although we believe these pedals to be to flower they are not listen now look at these flowers stand still and see the revealing of the bead goddess yes this goddess is actually flight that was who once believe with two flowers are actually propeller and the sound of the engine is the sound of the bee and the tool a nil identical it is glory and it is power and in the ancient world she who has the ability to fly is more than a woman she is a God the power of flight in the ancient world was the difference between being a mere mortal and being a deity it is a powerful display of expertise knowledge and wisdom and yet it is all for naught if we choose to disbelieve them all of this is proof that we have done this before we have all been here before and we all died the proof of flight is everywhere in the ancient world and our ability to understand it and to accept it will determine if we will survive a great and powerful warning is given to us and it has been staring us in the face for nearly 2,000 years figures lines and mysteries and no one on this planet knows what they mean or why they were created and the reason no one knows is because we look upon every ancient creation as inferior to our own misguided standard of intellect and yet as intelligent as we claim to be and as superior as we believe we are not one of us has unlocked its knowledge nevertheless these ancient dusted and derided lines hold the answers to the greatest secrets of all time it is a revealing of wisdom that is so powerful that it will transform our entire world and yet we cannot understand them until we can accept the fact that they were greater than us and there is no place on earth that displays this reality more than Tiahuanaco Bolivia it is a creation that has had men scratching their heads for more than 2,000 years it is quizzical and perplexing and yet its understanding and its answer is patently obvious to one who is willing to accept the impossible to understand this figure one must do something that is counterintuitive to intelligence and that is to ignore it don’t look upon this ragged figure or it’s infantile artwork and instead look at what is beneath it because what is beneath it holds all the knowledge what is beneath it is a door a doorway and a doorway is an entryway that will ultimately lead you somewhere else it may seem to be a relic of a bygone era and it may also appear to be incomplete and lacking and structure and knowledge to the contrary it is vibrant billion and bustling with undiscovered awareness shouting crying and begging for one of us to look closer the doorway is the key and what makes it a key is the fact that it unlocks hidden and ancient mysteries all over the world a doorway is always found in the holy places and is created in every record and every holy carving depicting the afterlife and yet what is the most astounding part of this doorway is the fact that it was found in Nazca Peru not only are there lines here there is also a door a doorway it is a mountainous doorway and it also has the graven image that shows a strange alien who appears to be greeting our new world a doorway as plain and as common as it may be is ubiquitous in holy carvings whether Sumerian Babylonian Egyptian it’s everywhere and although Sumeria was the oldest ancient civilization on earth astoundingly then this doorway is found in their ancient culture it is called a gateway the doorway was found to be a mystical symbol and a representation of the heavens and another world and yet what confirms the purpose of this doorway is found in its quiet ancient and unassuming name and the name is Tiahuanaco and this name means the gate of the Sun this stone structure is created to represent the Sun and its symbolism and its intricate artwork are created for one purpose it is created for us it has been a mystery for more than 2,000 years and again it is only a mystery because we refuse knowledge and we refuse to listen this image of a ragged and broken king as a Mayan face and an Egyptian flair and both of these things mean look closer he has the face of the Sun and the body of a man and his artwork represents the glowing face of the Sun in his hands or the staff of his authority as they are two circles which represent Authority and power then again look at this enhanced version of this Stila and you will see something staggering and that is these aren’t serpents in his hand these are actually Birds this Sun God is holding two birds as his staff of power and this meaning couldn’t be clearer the Sun has a doorway and this creation is called the gate of the Sun and to enter into it requires that which the birds of the air find to be common flight flight is the key it represents knowledge information and understanding and accepting the fact that the ancients could fly is critical to whether we do this King is both Sun and God and yet he holds these two birds with the hands of a man this means that this knowledge of this God is made for man it is telling us that mankind must harness the power of flight in order to reach this doorway this Sun gate the reason the Stila has remained a mystery for 2,000 years is because we were too young to understand it all pyramids hieroglyphs and steelers are created to be understood only when we reach the technological age why because it is only in the technological age where we have the power to leave the earth and also the power to change our fate the ancient prophecy given to modern man states that we won’t be able to reach the Sun gate without the power of light although basic and rudimentary mechanics can get us in the air it’s not enough to reach the Sun and short they are telling us we need more power and lots of it unbelievably what will give power to our fledgling Wayne is found within this Stila a message a code that we will only understand when we achieve technology because technology gives us more power CPU processing power the mechanical age was never enough to help us we needed technology the more power we can push into a small space means more capability high capacity power in a small engine it is the intelligent design of space flight the power of the Sun regulated by a small diminutive Sun chip this connection could not be more obvious computer technology nanotechnology and quantum technology it is the age that they have been waiting for we are no longer children and we now have matured we now have the ability to reach the unreachable and that is the house of our Creator it is a powerful transformation of flesh and spirits but these new abilities will change who we are and change our purpose this new technology gives us the power and the ability to fly and not just to fly around the earth but also interstellar space the Sun is the litmus test for man and our ability to reach it is the test of our faith but when we do you will become something different than what we are reaching it will create a complete transformation and we will no longer be human anymore in the ancient world the Sun is always represented as a pyramid and as common as these structures may be they contain a blessing and a curse celebration and fear and the reason is here this is the Aztec pyramid of the Sun and it is called Teotihuacan and a strange name represents the Sun and it also represents our new terrifying human ability Teotihuacan is ancient and yet it tells us something that our forefathers did before us because this name actually means the place where man became God this level of accomplishment signals the end of our world as it has for the last 100 million years and for 100 million years we have been hearing the voices of our ancestors hearing the voices of the heavens a cave painting warning us a stealer and desert lines all warning us of something that is to come if this story appears to be a bit too familiar it is the knowledge of the Stargate is found in nearly every ancient civilization in the world it is a story that is repeated over and over again and yet what is so sad about this story is that every nation that comes to the understanding of this knowledge and every nation that reaches into the gate of the Sun I never heard from ever again in a nation and the world is completely destroyed the knowledge of the Stargate is always the last knowledge ever given on earth and after that mankind is destroyed human beings are made to be wine and created to give ear to learning and achievement and yet if we refuse knowledge and if we refuse learning and we are all wiped away the Stargate is our last word and it is also our last warning the earth is coming to an end and if we do not listen then what will we build to warn the next humans that come after us and the most disturbing knowledge of all children of Earth we may be the last every case every pyramid and every obelisk tells us of the Stargate a gateway to what would otherwise be impossible and that is a gateway to interstellar travel a gift which allows us to leave our earth and our solar system and venture out into the body of the universe a new key which unlocks a dream that is now a reality and each of us can enter and each of us can return however when we return we will no longer be seen as human beings but instead as celestial beings we will sing a song that we had never songs and dream a dream that is not because it is a dream come true and the greater beauty of this knowledge is the fact that we will all live we will no longer be called human being and instead on to the new children of this earth when they see us they will call us the star people although we believe it is a journey that has made the science a journey made for those with privilege it’s not the people of the earth we’ll ask who gets to go through this gate in the Sun who gets to live the rich and the powerful what will happen to the rest of us are we to be left here on a dying earth are we to die what will happen to us the answer to this question is a solemn one the answer is we can all go we can all walk through this gate we can all walk into the cosmos we can all walk into the kingdom of our God we can enter the heavens we can drink with angels every one of us can walk into this new world we can all experience this because although the ancients show us the Stargate in the Sun they’ve also shown us something else there’s another one and this one is right here on earth get a stunning conclusion invitation number eight a full-length feature film and download and stream the entire series the knowledge of the forever time the end has come available September first only on Amazon Prime.


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