TM & the Mind Changing Revolution
TM & the Mind Changing Revolution

Stop for a moment and imagine a world of peace, a world of true freedoms from disease, hatred, negativity, and wars. We, humanity can bring about a world revolution where everyone has the ability to be in touch with the source of creation, the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness (God). There is one simple technique that is capable of transforming our world; Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the only approach shown to have the ability to do this.

Originally founded on Indian philosophy and the teachings of Krishna, the Buddha, and Shankara; Transcendental Meditation is the most widely practiced, extensively researched, and broadly prescribed by doctors of any meditation technique in the world. It has profound scientifically proven benefits for health, vitality and youthful longevity. It promotes coherent brain functioning, increased creativity, IQ, and peak mental performance. Long-term practice of TM develops Enlightenment, total brain functioning which brings evolutionary behavior (global citizenship), along with inner peace, unity, and social harmony.

Dr. John Hagelin, Ph.D is an American particle physicist and director of the Transcendental Meditation movement for the US.  Widely known for his research into the Unified Field Theory he has also researched “super radiance” the supposed benefit that a society receives when a small number of practitioners of TM techniques are active. In the following video Dr. John Hagelin explains in more detain the benefits of practicing TM on a regular basis.

A scientific introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM) by Dr. John Hagelin Ph.D

One of the greatest American filmmakers, television director, visual artist and musician is David Lynch. Lynch is an advocate of the use of TM in bringing peace to the world. His passion to help students learn the Transcendental Meditation techniques has launched the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and Peace.  In this next video, David Lynch answers a couple of questions on his understanding of how TM can affect creativity and overall learning and expansion of the human mind.

If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, when you read a book you’ll have a golf ball sized understanding. When you look out, a golf ball sized awareness, and when you wake up in the morning, a golf ball sized wakefulness. But if you can expand that consciousness, then you read the book, more understanding, you look out, more awareness, and when you wake up, more wakefulness. It’s consciousness. And there’s an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness inside each one of us. And its right at the source and base of mind, right at the source of thought and it’s also at the source of all matter.

David Lynch explains Consciousness, Creativity and benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM)


  1. If TM is so crucial to mankind…why does it cost $2,500.00 (two-thousand, five-hundred dollars)? I am sure this will not be published. Each time I inquire about TM…the same company and people show up on my screen…the ones that ask this unbelievable amount of money to help you with something that will help all of mankind. I just don’t get it…how can you ask that amount?

  2. SMosley,
    Thank you for your comment. From what I gather, TM requires a one on one session with a certified instructor. Also it seems that TM is promoted by well-known celebrities, scientists and others with a high profile status. As this has become a “nonprofit” business of sort, I would imagine that all these people promoting TM get a decent amount of that $2,500 for their high level promotion. The rest of the money pays the instructor and other business expenses. This is not too hard to imagine, we are after all living in a monetary ruled society which we have created.

    The fact is, TM is just one of the many techniques that can help mankind. There are other meditation techniques you can find free online which can be learned and with practice improved upon by anyone. And like anything else, if you reach a certain level and need further instructions to grow you will need to find an expert (guru) to help you in your growth. At that point you will need to have an exchange for the time they will give you and that will mean you will need to pay them. Good luck!


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