Kabbalah on how to change ourselves
Kabbalah on how to change ourselves

Can you change yourself, or can you only change what influences you, which will in turn, change you? Vladek Zankovsky discusses this question with Dr. Michael Laitman.

You can view the video of his full explanation however this is a quote of Dr. Michael Laitman from that call:

What does it mean to change yourself? It’s rubbish that a person can change himself. What does it mean that a person can change himself? It means that in the framework in which he exists, he can aim himself at one or another thing to perceive in a certain aspect…

We don’t change ourselves in the wisdom of Kabbalah either. Kabbalah simply tells us how we can change ourselves through a certain force, that there is an external force, so called “Light,” that has created us, that holds our desire in this egoistic form, and through certain actions, we can create such an influence of Light that will change us. That’s all. We don’t and can’t do anything by ourselves.


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