Fr. Pontifex “We Hold These Truths”
Fr. Pontifex “We Hold These Truths”

In a world where religion is attacked from all angles a super hero comes on the scene; Fr. Pontifex is a successful hip-hop artist who lets his rimes bust out in this freedom-filled spoken-word video.  Rightly titled “We Hold These Truths”, the video is a response to religious freedom and Obama’s contraceptive mandate.

“At this time in America we’ve come to the crossroads, standing with our religious freedom and what we have been told,” Fr. Pontifex declares in the video. “God almighty in Heaven, greater than any legislature, No system, No policy, No mandate has the power.”

Speaking against the administration’s controversial regulation which Fr. Pontifex believes tramples on religious peoples’ conscience rights. In addition, he explains the mandate is dangerous to all Americans – not just those who consider themselves aligned with the Catholic Church.

“A Year to comply? A Year to deny? A Year to turn the other way and let our conscience die?” he continues. “Every American should see this as a threat to our country’s foundation; Religion doesn’t make us second class, settling for an accommodation.”


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