What can we learn from Pharaoh?
What can we learn from Pharaoh?

From Pharaoh we can learn about being loyal to the Creator. How meticulously he performs his role, his work, loyally out of devotion. He’s truly a servant  that there’s none else like him.

Well it’s a mechanical force that exists in nature because in everything, on each level, in every atom, in each molecule, in every connection he’s thinking “how can I take it for myself 100%”. It’s a special inner program that works in every grain of creation, in every system, in any connection it’s a special inner program. Whoever knows a bit about programs knows it works in everything, that’s Pharaoh; and we instead of him, instead of that program, have to bring another program, and it’s built upon (atop) Pharaoh, and we use him, it’s impossible not to use him. On the contrary, we take Pharaoh and atop him, upon the Will To Receive, we only take out the ‘In Order To Receive’ from there and we invert ‘In Order To Receive’ to ‘In Order To Bestowal’ and Pharaoh’s desire stays.


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