What is Spirituality?
What is Spirituality?

How can a person attain spirituality and what does it even mean to attain spirituality? People have lots of questions and are offered an even greater number of answers, because everyone has their own definitions of spirituality.

Yet, the demand for spiritual fulfillment has increased dramatically during the last 20 years. So how can a person attain something when one is not even able to define, or even know where to look for the “right” answers? Dr. Michael Laitman explains why one cannot imagine what spirituality is, and what can be done to satisfy one’s spiritual yearnings.

‘Rav’ Dr. Michael Laitman and Andrew K. Martin discussing “What Exactly Is Spirituality?”

What Is Spirituality – Kabbalah Moments – March 29, 2010

Connecting with others reveals the attainment of my spirituality. We have to achieve a social consent that each one has to help the others. It’s impossible without that!

Where Is My Spirituality – Kabbalah Moments – July 11, 2010

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  1. Anyone can do it. When the most suppressed secret in history, put in medical terms, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”, is common public knowledge, everyone will have limitless spiritual attainment at their disposal. The widespread practice of this secret will then bring the earth into globally bent timespace, in the fifth dimensional direction, and, the predictions of the Apocalypse will manifest. “No one knows the time it will happen? When ever we can spread this secret “viral” to common public knowledge is when it will happen.

    Dr. Albert Einstein showed how gravity and velocity in mechanical engineering accessed globally bent timespace. But, all the analogues in every branch of engineering also access globally bent timespace, but, not always with the gravitational component. Dr. Nikola Tesla used the current analogue, in electrical engineering, to project the S.S. Eldritch, in Philadelphia Harbor, into globally bent timespace, not only enough to fade it out into invisibility, but to surpass the lightspeed equivalency, and thereby be transduced into pure probability to be teleported backward and forward in time, and finally materialized off the coast of Virginia. Also, Dr. Nikola Tesla’s teleporter, shown in the movie, “The Prestige”, is no fiction. And, Edison did have his goons burn down Dr. Nikola Tesla’s home in Colorado. Why did Edison get most of the credit for modern electricity? Edison was a “lodge” member; and, Dr. Nikola Tesla was a non-member who had stumbled upon some of their secrets.

    The easiest way to access globally bent timespace is by entropy production rate, EPR, which is identical to polarity cancellation rate, for, the entropy of the universe at any specified time is the proportion of nucleons to photons. Every pair of nucleons, of exact opposite polarities, antiparticles, that cancel into nothingness, release two photons of energy, to the proportion E=Mcc, of the energy that kept those nucleons differentiated. Differentiation causes consciousness, therefore, by energy’s differentiations, creations, energy is conscious, due to the fact that matter, alpha code information, differentiates consciousness by interference, like that imposed on our magnetic flux by the substance P neurons of the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata of our brains. If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information.

    Also, we have relativistic phenomena caused by relative size. Have you noticed how fast the movements of a squirrel are compared to our’s. They are pretty hard to imitate. But, to them, they are moving casually, and we are moving as slow as elephants. A person of half your mass experiences one hour as you would feel two hours. But, a creature with only one percent of your mass doesn’t feel one of your hour as a hundred hours. The proportion follows the relativity hyperbola.

    People with fast EPR’s have been observed to move slower. I saw this beautiful woman who’s eyes blinked much slower than normal, and all her movements were very slow, almost impossible to imitate. Being a beautiful woman, she had easy access to what were the opposite polarities for her. Perhaps she read about my “Shekinah” on the internet, and made one. The iron in the cytochromes is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in every male cell, and, clockwise in every female cell. I remember fellow movie buffs ridiculing Bela Lugosi in “Dracula” about how slow he moved. Same thing. He ingested an electrolyte of the opposite polarities, which allows a faster polarity cancellation rate. Don’t be fooled by its cultural presentation. If you don’t put your batteries in right, they wont work. It must be opposite polarities. If they had been honest, the stories would have been banned as X.

    A similar deliberate misrepresentation in the movie “The Resurrected” showed a similar representation. The “flux” was an ideal “Shekinah”, but, that cancellation of entities near the end of the movie would only happen “straight”, with opposites, and is what knowledgeable Hindus and Buddhists hope for in Dharmaloka, the Lake of Fire, to attain Nirvana (nonexistence). In “Howling II”, the cancellation of Croescu and Sturva cancelled out into nothingness like true soul mates. Ancient Hebrew Rabbins revealed in the Talmud that soul mates are often born in the same family. But, this final consummation can only take place in globally bent timespace, then called “spirit”.

    You have probably heard many times that the value of pi goes down as you approach a Black Hole, and that the value of pi at the event horizon of a Black Hole is two. But, did you know that as anything that goes into more and more globally bent timespace, leaves the rigid orthogonality of flat timespace behind, so that the matter becomes more and more tenuous, spiritualized. it fades out into invisibility. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used EPR to put his patients into a field of globally bent timespace, “orgone”, where the patient’s body was able to snap back to its original healthy template, curing disease, and even renewing youth. But, he was here, behind the “Plastic Curtain”, was framed up by the FDA, imprisoned, and he was killed in prison.

    They never dared to kill Mike O’Dan the Snakeman, for, they knew he could go body switching, even into the Presidents body, to set things straight. But, extrapolating upon these findings, the body becomes so flexible that it can change into any form. Beyond the “Plastic Curtain”, Dr. Anna Aslan was able to operate her “geriatric cure centers” with impunity. Dr. Lisa Randall, Harvard University professor of quantum physics, established this direction in and out of bent timespaces to be the fifth dimension. We are multidimensional beings. That portion of our body in bent timespace is called our “soul”.

    You know that a particle and antiparticle will cancel out, as described in more detail before. But, there is no light without polarity cancellation. There are polarities you haven’t been allowed to know about. Opposite polarities cancel out to produce light, from light bulbs, candles, and the biological microwave light that steams up car windows. Magnetism is the basis of all matter, and, dark matter is those differentiations that are not spherical, except for the electron which is a truncated tetrahedral array of four big counterclockwise magnetic fluxes, and four little clockwise magnetic fluxes to hold it together. The opposite polarities are counterclockwise and clockwise. Structure separates them, and that structure is maintained by orthogonality. All differentiations strive for undifferentiation into nothingness.

    Vagal stimulation, by its entropy production rate accesses globally bent timespace, thereby increasing the percentage of brain use. Percentage of brain use is no myth. I saw my own brain MRI and it was explained that the moving blobs of light were the regions of the brain I was using. I was told that the total volume of these blobs of light constituted the percentage of brain use. LSD increases the percentage of brain use by blocking the inhibitory neurons that normally keep the percentage of brain use down to 10% brain use. Vagal stimulation works by over riding the inhibitory neurons. Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD is the supreme grand secret of the cartel of secret lodges. It has been the most suppressed secret in history. It is advisable to spread it. You now also know too much. They can’t get everybody, therefore, tell everybody.


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