What Is The SerpentI’d like to understand this power called the serpent. Is there any other way to work with this power without undergoing a braking without it being so painful?

No, we’re not undergoing a braking were a result of the braking. We only reveal it. Reveal it. Sometimes you reveal that you’re not so perfect. That’s the power of the serpent.

On the other hand, I just learned that it’s a positive force that elevates me.

If you’ll correct it then it is positive. But if you want to erase it, it was just revealed to me that I did something bad to you. So, I did something, so what, better forget about it then regret it. Or I did something? He did something too. Others do things. It’s not that bad, I’ll ask for his forgiveness.

I do a thousand different things besides correction, even when I ask for your forgiveness is it a correction, it is corrected in me? No only simply so out of fear or because of unpleasantness or something in order to calm myself down so I perform these different actions. That’s it but it’s not a correction. Our problem is not to conceal or erase all these revelations but to correct them.


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