What The Bleep Do We Know!? Down The Rabbit Hole
What The Bleep Do We Know!? Down The Rabbit Hole

“What The Bleep Do We Know!? Down The Rabbit Hole” is a film dedicated to bringing to our attention the spiritual connection between the new science of Quantum Physics and consciousness. The film introduces the idea that matter is not solid as originally thought by science but rather a vibration of electrons that pop in and out of existence. What we see and the way we think of the world is not exactly as it appears, the universe is best seen as constructed from thought or ideas rather than from substance. Our consciousness creates our reality; we simply play with the infinite possibilities presented to us. The belief of who we are and what is real is simply a direct result of our realities.

The film featured several interviews by Amit Goswami (Theoretical Nuclear Physicist), John Hagelin (Physicist), Stuart Hameroff (Anesthesiologist), JZ Knight (Spiritual Teacher), Andrew B. Newberg (Professor of Radiology), Candace Pert (Neuroscientist), Fred Alan Wolf (Physicist), David Albert (Philosopher of Physics), Joe Dispenza (Chiropractor), Michael Ledwith (Professor of Theology), Daniel Monti (Physician), Jeffrey Satinover (Psychiatrist), and William Tiller (Professor).

What the Bleep Do We Know?


    • Personally, I think anything that elaborates further on the mechanics of the world we live in and illuminates the awesome and vast power of God can only help mankind make more sense of the world he is a part of. At a fundamental level the film shows our connection to each other, nature and everything around us. Definitely encourage watching this film… as Christians, as long as we are strong in your belief of Jesus and the sacrifices he made for us, I think you will be safe to watch! 🙂


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