the Creator in your thoughts
the Creator in your thoughts
the Creator in your thoughts
the Creator in your thoughts

Countless times you have recognized the Creator in your thoughts and in the world around you. Sometimes this recognition is instantaneous and sometimes there appears to be a delay effect as in going through something intense where at the other end of it you realized that Hashem has been there all along especially in those trying moments.

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You want to be able to set up for yourself a space in Mind where all such recollections of holiness may be remembered and then called to the forefront of your cognition. Then using these core memories of certainty you are able to expand your thoughts likewise through comparison and the mirroring of their images.

As you become perfected in this quality of awareness you will find that there are adjuncts to your inspiration that appear out of nowhere. This then is the action which is called forth by attention to holiness which will be explained.

Attention to holiness has to do with the state of mind that you are connecting to. It lives inside of you and becomes a part of your being. It is what surrounds you and causes you to think this or that. It appears to be random and yet strangely enough it is and has always been under our control. It is your ultimate connection to reality, the reality of being one with the Creator.

This unity that you are seeking has been designed in such a way as to promote your consciousness to its highest sense of connection. It is in this state of connected being that all revelation happens and also there is the bringing into play the experience of being the artist who is shaping the clay of being.

Mind rules. What this means is that our thoughts are what our experiences comes from. If we take this generalization to heart then we can see how promoting our thoughts also promotes our experiences. Therefore only good should follow you day and night means that only good thoughts should be what the atmosphere of your mind is made up of. All blessings evolve from this simple way in which mind works.

When we bless the Creator in our prayers it is really mind that we are blessing in the sense that we are telling mind that the Creator is One. Since our conception of the Creator is ever expanding and the fact that we are housed within Creation makes it difficult to even begin to conceive of our place in being it then becomes imperative that we lay the ground rules each day in order to progress with some degree of Certainty along our way.

In the silences thy movements are shown
Where waves roared and winds have blown
Making something out of nothing always more
We discover thy purpose what you have in store
~ Baal HaSulam


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