You Can't Escape From Yourself
You Can’t Escape From Yourself

The world’s most prosperous countries also host the highest rates of depression, suicide, and drug addiction. There are people who cannot cope with the feelings of despair and emptiness, even when their lives are filled with all kinds of material abundance. At the same time, there are other people who are content while maintaining their lives with a minimum of material necessities. There are also some people from Europe who move to India or other places in the world, hoping to suppress their egoism to a lower level and learn to be satisfied with little.

The smaller is the ego, the easier is a person’s life. As a person descends to the animal level of existence, s/he feels better in life. However, the more a person develops, the more the ego increases, and the harder everything becomes. A highly developed level of egoism leads to the most pressing and basic questions about existence, and these questions demand answers. At every given moment (although we don’t realize it) each person chooses his/her own path of development. Humanity’s constant egoistic development forces us to look for the answer to an ambiguous question: “Why do I exist?”

The answer though, does not lie in tricks, drugs, or ways to calm ourselves down. The answer can be discovered only by discovering all the worlds and the entire scope in which we exist. Each person’s development will inevitably bring humanity to this final state. In other words, if we don’t connect with Nature’s general system, which controls our world, we will bring ourselves closer to a state that will be worse than death itself. This is why we need to start understanding and discovering this general picture of the world on a level that allows us to remain safe and comfortable.


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